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Sage Telehealth

Sage Telehealth is passionate and committed to bringing a turn-key solution to the healthcare needs of Medical Centers and Nursing Homes in rural and urban communities throughout the state of Texas. Our on-call coverage is available 365 days a year allowing our clients and their patients immediate access to highly qualified healthcare professionals. Our state-of-the-art audio / videoconferencing platform allows instant interaction between patients, registered nurses, physicians and healthcare specialists. No travel required. Our telehealth platform is customized to:

• Reduce cost
• Increase efficiency
• Reduce unnecessary readmissions
• Diminish high transportation cost
• Increase overall safety and care

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Medical Centers

We understand the challenges of getting access to high quality medical expertise in both rural and urban communities can be difficult and cost prohibitive. We have bridged this gap with our telehealth platform by offering access to:
• ER Physicians
• Emergency Medicine Physicians

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes can present their own unique obstacles and special considerations when it comes to providing healthcare. Sage Telehealth knows this well, with years of experience in working with nursing homes in rural communities. Sage Telehealth understands the importance of maintaining the adequate registered nursing coverage requirements set forth by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), which is why our platform provides a unique solution to healthcare allowing Skilled Nursing Homes (SNF) more time to focus on their residents and overall patients healthcare experience. Our telehealth platform provides registered nurses, following the Schmitt-Thompson protocol for telehealth, the gold standard for nursing telehealth protocols, along with state board certified specialists.

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